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The offer

We do keep clean almost 1 000 000 m2, almost 70 % of which are the external areas. In the case of the latter ones, one of the greatest challenges for us is the yearlong cleaning of the most prestigious terrains of Gorzów Wielkopolski.

We accept single orders as well as permanent realization of a service.

Professional household detergents of wide-known brands are used (Johnson Diversey, Butchers, Buls, Lakma and others). Not to mention our cooperation with the already proven suppliers.

The enterprise functions on the basis of stable and well-qualified staff, the people who are capable of realizing even the most complex and specialist cleaning services. Legal and abided by law conditions of employment are preferable. Due to the scale of our business activity, we are one of the most considerable employers in Gorzów Wielkopolski when taking private enterprises into account which possess solely domestic capital. On average 200 workers are annually employed by the company. What is more, a strong emphasis is put on the stabilization of the staff plus continuous professional trainings. In spite of the fact that our firm is not a sheltered workshop, we do give a chance to them to be employed too.

The very realization of a service is always monitored by our supervisor personnel- we keep in touch with our client continually.

We are in possession of indispensable storage accommodation and office background.

The financial potential allows us to retain the continuity of realization of orders.