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About us

Our company was created in the year of 1991 in response to the clients’ needs, the clients who would like to have more spare time and funds to administer their own company. This could happen to be so due to a kind of hierarchy and abstraction of the external matters which are connected with the basic economic activity; however they seem to be equally important to make the enterprise function properly.

Our offer is directed to the clients who perceive cleanliness of the surroundings as one of the vital elements of life quality and as to that, they want to be sure that it will be taken care of by professionals.

The name of our company (CREATIVITY) obliges us to establish new trends in the business of cleaning services. We systematically follow all the novelties in the field of cleaning technology and concurrently our offers are updated.

What professionalism means for us is the possibility to provide a service not only modern but also comprehensive. We are among the very few who offer tidying up as well as cleaning facilities, and additionally we propose annual maintenance of exterior areas. The experience gained through the past years and acquired potential allow us to realize services in every single facility and external area all year round, in every season and time of a day.

The cooperation with our company brings not only substantial benefits in the form of a friendlier city, town, district or workplace but also elimination of costs related to staff employment involved in cleaning works.

Our services have been appreciated by the clients from Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poznań, Szczecin, Głogów- we are receptive to cooperation beyond the headquarters of our town.